3 October 2023

The One – Palácio da Anunciada
R. das Portas de Santo Antão

14.30h – 18.30h

What is luxury? What is a true luxury shopping experience?

We live in a world where the answers to these questions are as diverse as the people who answer them. A memorable luxury shopping experience for a Chinese millennial can be very different from what a 70-year-old British grandmother would expect in-store from her favorite luxury brand.

CULTURE is a leading element in the perception of Luxury, and all brands face the huge challenge of understanding cultural differences. On top, these differences change over time, so brands must also keep up with new trends to stay relevant and keep delighting clients.

How should luxury brands navigate cultural differences to create the best possible luxury shopping experiences for such a variety of clients? These are the key topics we will be discussing at this year´s event. We will focus on two major cultures: UK and China, and we have invited a wide range of professionals to share their insights at this unique conference.

Join us on October 3rd in Lisbon!


Filipa Maria Cardoso

Director for Communication & Digital Marketing @VisitPortugal
Turismo de Portugal

Juan Pablo

Assistant Store Manager
Casa Loewe Lisbon

Francesco Boggio Ferraris

Academy Director
Italy China Council Foundation

Renato Lira Leite

Managing Director
Global Blue Portugal

Sofia Fernandes

El Corte Inglés

Alba Ruiz Laigle

EMEA Head of Luxury

Sónia Borges

Store Director

Helena Amaral Neto

LUXULTING-Luxury Consulting

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